Incoming! We take it up a notch with the latest Four Four Premiere, as we welcome a debut release from Dublin party starter and all round top guy, Gary Kavanagh aka TainT.

Not only is this TainT‘s debut release, we also host a remix from one of the countries heaviest hitters and analog machine obsessed, Cor aka nktrnl.

With substantial foundations laid in the now infamous walls of the late Hangar, TainT garnered a name for himself as one of the main operators at the helm of Index, but as the world changed around him, so did he. TainT has worked tirelessly over the past few months, channelling the emotion and energy his sets were so renowned for into producing a sound worthy of our inevitable return to the sweat filled utopia that seems now like a distant memory.

TainT’s debut release does what all great music does, convey what words fail. Harsh, broken drums softened by ethereal vocals. Emotive, yet powerful. Nostalgic, yet hopeful for the future.

Dublin City’s master of machines, the inimitable nktrnl, takes charge of remix duties. Long time friends turned first time collaborators, the admiration and respect for each others process shines through the release; the perfect injection of energy to take this release from the sunrise walk home from the party to the final track played before the walk to the club.

nktrnl’s signature, uncompromising sound is evident from the start, giving the machines a chance to breathe just long enough for TainT’s celestial vocals to squeeze through before suffocating them once more with an arsenal of industrial distortion.

Download TainT’s original and nktrnl’s remix completely for free via the Four Four Magazine SoundCloud page.

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