We premiere a track from the good people at Artaphine, who announce their label debut with a Various Artists compilation, featuring 10 up-and-coming artists or artists they want to help shed some light upon.

You probably first heard about the Artaphine crew from capturing some of the biggest moments in dance music events on camera, from some of the wildest parties in Europe. If you’re even vaguely into techno and on social media, you’ve 100% watched their club footage.

The crew also run their Artaphine SoundCloud, premiering tunes and boasting an exceptional mix series, featuring some of the finest underground DJs and producers within the scene. Now, the crew make the step into label music, as they get ready to launch their Artaphine Record label.

The focus of our label is to find that balance to bring more passionate, creative minds to the broader public, as we have always tried by showcasing videos from various events and concerts.

Kicking off the VA, Tom Place creates a soothing mixture of electro and breaks where pads take the centre stage. A squelchy electro baseline is accompanied by warm euphoric pads and funky electro rhythm. The track is suitable for the club but, also works as perfect home listening.

Here’s the full VA running order.

  1. Tom Place – Tearing Down Your Walls
  2. Volpe – Satori
  3. Arkan – Trapped
  4. Assumption – Terminal
  5. Gräfin – Neo Wise
  6. Tino – Cloud Surf
  7. Yanamaste – Rifle
  8. Elisa Batti – Chew-Z
  9. Tauceti & Raär – Lagras
  10. Trudge – Half Monster

You can pre-order the full 10 track VA via Bandcamp here, ahead of its November 11th full release.

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