We end the year on a high, as we premiere yet another solid Irish release, as Tomás’s emphatic ravey track titled ‘Bugrats’ nears its release with Scottish club night, mix series and label, MilkitSounds.

MilkitSounds is a Scottish independent brand, homegrown in the capital of the Highlands in Inverness, while also being based in the idyllic soundings of the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. The brand and collective ethos is to shine light on artists from local communities and beyond, by either booking them to play at their excellent parties, inviting them on for a mix as part of their mix series, or releasing music on on their ever growing label.

Today, we feature a track from Dublin based DJ and producer Tomás, as he contributes his track ‘Bugrats’ to the ‘Neigh Worries’ Various Artists EP, which features tracks from both Irish and Scottish producers on this exciting 5 track release.

A fast-paced ball of ravey energy, as Tomás combines pounding kicks, militant percussion and a chaotic but entrancing acid line, topped off with an intelligible yet somehow chanting vocal. The track snaps you right back to a sweaty dark warehouse, hypnotized by the wavey lasers.

You can stream Tomás’s track ‘Bugrats’ below, plus purchase his track and the full release from the MilkitSounds Bandcamp page here.

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