We initially featured Hotseat Records back in July 2020 for the label’s debut release with Small Bear, LPM, Jimbo Jones & Trans-Neptunian Orbit, today, however, the label returns with a follow up, as Trans-Neptunian Orbit steps up for a solo 3 track release of his own.

Irish born Maurice Anthony Moran aka Trans-Neptunian Orbit, is a Berlin-based artist captivated by the sound of electro and anything in between, from techno to breaks to IDM. Influences to Maurice’s sound palette goes back as far as Kraftwerk, but most notably from Detroit electro kingpins, Drexciya. 

Having started DJing in 2016 at Bray Institute of Further Education on the DJ techniques and music production course taught by Sunil Sharpe. During this time Maurice developed his skills as a DJ and began the learning process for production. Over the years Maurice had the privilege to play alongside the likes of Alienata, AIROD, The Exaltics, Radial and Umwelt, while playing the closing set for Fuinneamh festival in 2017.

In order to expand his artistic reach, Maurice chose to wield 3 aliases. His main artistic identity is Maurice Anthony Moran but he has two accompanying aliases, Patient 808 and Trans-Neptunian Orbit. Patient 808 is a concept piece based in a post-apocalyptic world annihilated by an airborne virus, with fast-paced dark electro and techno the main focal point. For Maurice’s concepts based around space and time, he uses the alias Trans-Neptunian Orbit. The sound palette includes fast-paced electro and breaks with glitchy sound effects accompanied by acid basslines and soul drenching harmonies. Anything outside these sound brackets is released under Maurice’s main musical identity, Maurice Anthony Moran.

Hotseat Recordings return for their second release, as Trans-Neptunian Orbit has steps up with a 3 track, Electro influenced masterclass EP. Trans-Neptunian Orbit joined the Hotseat Family for our first release, with the contribution of ‘10 Years From Now‘, which was incredibly well received. 

This EP is a concept expressing the emotions felt when frantically searching through space for new human life forms. ‘Journey To The Unknown‘ & ‘Warp Speed‘ perfectly capture the excitement of the unknown. The third and final track ‘No Sign of Life‘, is an atmospheric & melancholic trip that conveys the emotions of finding no more than barren wastelands on the ‘Journey to the Unknown‘.

Check out the track Journey To The Unknown below, plus support for the full release on March 15th here.

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