George Feely adds to his ever growing list of releases on fantastic labels, as he drops his Schaeffer Motor Dreams 3 track EP with the legendary DJ and producer DJ Haus, debuting on Haus’s very own Hot Haus Recs.

In 2019, rising Irish star George Feely ticked off one of his goals, to record a mix on the mighty Boiler Room, which he did with huge success. With 2020 being one to forget, and for many a complete whitewash, George ploughed through the darkness and ticked off a number of releases and put together a catalogue of tunes for labels and compilations, making use of an otherwise difficult year. Now it’s midway through 2021 and George has ticked off yet another landmark on his ever growing list of achievements, releasing with the legendary DJ Haus.

George Feely debuts on Hot Haus Recs / Unknown To The Unknown, fresh from dropping dance floor science for legendary labels such as Nervous Records and Henry Street Music. ‘Schaeffer Motor Dreams’ is an EP of 3 DJ friendly house cuts, aimed at the heart of the dance floors.

You can check out the whole Schaeffer Motor Dreams EP via SoundCloud, plus purchase the release from your favourite music platform here.

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