Holly Lester’s Duality Trax latest release titled ‘Atlas Corporation EP’ drops on the exciting Belfast label and welcomes back Estonian duo Abdul Raeva, who initially released on Duality Trax’s first Vision’s VA last year. This time, they’re accompanied by Australia’s Andy Garvey on remix duties.

Holly Lester’s Duality Trax imprint has undoubtedly made a name for itself as one of the most exciting labels to emerge from the modern electronic circuit since its first release back in 2020. With inspiration deriving from the golden era of house and techno, the label does a terrific job at fusing old sounds and ideas with the new. Resulting in a mixed bag of sounds that range from progressive house to breakbeat, acid techno and beyond, making Duality Trax one of the most exhilarating Irish labels in recent times.

Duality Trax boasts a superb discography since its creation. Having already welcomed the likes of Fio Fa, rRoxymore, Roza Terenzi, Tifra, Cromie, Violet and more to the Duality Trax family. Holly continues to stay true to the label’s mission statement where they will represent balance, inclusivity and contrasting emotions across each release and Atlas Corporation is no different.

The release possesses a strong progressive feel right throughout, with ‘Atlast Corporation’ showcasing some clear inspiration from Underworld’s Rez. Combined with a tingling acid line and spacey textures the outcome can only be one thing, brilliant. ‘Death Race’ delves deeper into Abdul Raeva’s progressive territory that still gloats serious banger capabilities.

Andy Garvey’s spin of ‘Death Race’ includes breathtaking breakbeats with a primary focus on the tracks sinister low-end, completed with a thrilling, broken acid-techno bass-line that is infectious listening from start to finish. ‘Guardian of the Vault’ sees off the release in a chilled, spacey, downtempo manner that is intrinsically bliss. What a treat.

You can purchase Abdul Raeva’s Atlas Corporation EP on Bandcamp here.

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