Irish producer, but now Berlin based Hybrasil returns to his own imprint, releasing his two track EP entitled ‘Hybrasil24’, as part of his Hybrasil24 360 creative concept.

What does 24 hours of writing music sound like? In December 2020 Hybrasil introduced his Hybrasil24 project in collaboration the might Beatport. Hybrasi24 is a test of endurance, creativity and improvisation. Over the course of 24 hours, Hybrasil wrote, recorded and produced music live from his Berlin Recording Studio (HBL Studios). The idea was to test the limits of creativity in a confined space for an extended period of time with the best compositions from the live broadcast to be released on the Hybrasil label as a concept release. The 11th release sees the first compositions from that project emerge.

Hybrasil24 is a 360 creative concept, all writing, recording, sound engineering, production, post- production, mixing and mastering conducted by Hybrasil. This process draws from every facet of his recording career, from his time as a sound engineer working with vintage recording consoles, to his solo studio works with vintage drum machines, synths and samplers. Hybrasil24 brings all of these worlds together.

You can listen to the Hybrasil24 release via our SoundCloud, plus support the release and pick up a copy via Beatport here.

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