Following on from Julia Louise Knifefist’s recent Fortune Deluxe remix EP, he has today released his new Inertia EP in collaboration with Belgian Collective ‘Grid’ on their ‘lieftuig’ imprint.

Julia Louise Knifefist is one of Ireland’s most exciting experimental electronic producers and performers with a hugely promising future within the scene. The Philadelphia born producer has made a name for himself with his unique abrasive live sets accompanied by his live vocals.

His production style, often brought together in collaboration with some Irish and international avant grade producers traverses into many genres including as jungle, IDM and gabber, which all marry together beautifully within the new and exciting ‘Inertia’ EP. The EP features a stellar lineup of forward thinking experimental and hardcore producers who Knifefist has worked with on this project. 

The leading track of the EP entitled ‘Ghent Got’ presents an eerie jungle banger paying homage to Ghent, Belgium, where the scene has heavily influenced Knifefist’s sound. ‘Pixilated Dreams’ is produced by Circular Square, inspired by early dubstep and grim. The track has been premiered on ‘paynomindtous’ and is available to stream here.

The two remaining tracks progress to hardcore territory with ‘Neocitrus’s’ and ‘JLK’s’ production on ‘Bad Thing’ and finally with Ghent based producer Knechtjong’s production on ‘I Con’, which is reminiscent of their early Thunderdome and often even bubblegum into hardcore sounds. Check out the Knechtjong Boiler Room Hard Dance here.

Belgian Collective ‘Grid’ has described Knifefist as the raw sound they have been searching for with their imprint “From the start, we felt that the output of this project would be something to be genuinely proud of. A full-fledged release that we mustn’t just throw into the Bandcamp void.”.

It’s been amazing to see experimental Irish talent go from strength to strength internationally. The genre shifting style of the EP goes hand in hand with the project’s title “Inertia”. ‘Inertia’ was conceived in November 2020 with the unusual burst of inspiration that Knifefist had gained throughout the consistent bleakness of 2020. 


  1. Ghent Got Prod. JLK)
  2. Pixelated Dreams (Prod. Circular Square)
  3. Bad Thing (Prod. Neocitrus)
  4. I Con (Prod. Knechjong)

If you happen to be reading this from Belgium, specifically Ghent, Julia Louise Knifefist will be performing at the Inertia EP Release party later tonight. Details can be found here.

With ‘Inertia’ released today, August 6th can now pick up a copy of the EP via Bandcamp here, Soundcloud and on Spotify. 

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