KETTAMA drops his heavy-hitting remix of ‘Voice Within’, which is currently an unreleased track from Copenhagen based DJ and producer Anastasia Kristensen.

The first offering from a project on which she is yet to shed light, this effervescent remix is a nod towards an incredibly exciting project, coming via one of dance music’s most iconic labels, Houndstooth. Flexing his versatility as an artist, KETTAMA leans into his darker side for the remix, a dreamy yet heavy-hitting emotional breakbeat roller. A pacey and euphoric percussive workout, it’s the perfect match for Anastasia Kristensen’s arsenal of kaleidoscopic club cuts.

Speaking on the remix, KETTAMA says:

“Super happy to be given the opportunity to be a part of the project with Anastasia and Houndstooth. Really enjoyed making something a bit more left to what normally comes out when I sit down to write song or remix. Listen with volume at maximum level for ultimate G-TOWN experience.”

Two artists with a playful, tear up the rule book approach to their output, for Anastasia Kristensen teaming up with KETTAMA was a no brainer and a teaser of the masterful artistry on her forward-thinking projects on the horizon.

Check out the DJ Mag premiere via their SoundCloud, plus support the release via your favourite platform here.

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