Cork’s ‘Flood’ label present their new release with Lithe’s ‘Mainline’ EP taking the labels signature percussive sound to new boundaries within techno.

Flood, co-founded by Cork’s ‘Doubt’ and ‘Tension’ have carved out a signature sound in Irish Electronic Music which has been recognised by huge selectors globally over the last few years. The label has had releases from founders Doubt and Tension, ‘Ovid’ earlier this year and also of course from ‘Lithe’ too who now has his second output on the imprint after his 2020 ‘Nos’ EP.

Lithe is a producer and DJ based in Brisbane, Australia. Keeping busy with production over the last number of years, he has gone on to appear on Rinse FM, Currents FM, Threads and gig across a number of Australian clubs while also curating his live set. His production style can be described as precise, as every release is executed with rolling kick drums that in a live setting can light up a dancefloor.

‘Mainline’ opens with the eery percussive sounds of ‘Annan’ which is then followed by knock which is a 116BPM track which “sounds like an alien mutation of the Timbo production style”. The title track ‘Mainline’ and the closer of ‘Wild’ feature an off kilter hard techno kick and sharp perk and synth lines which is reminiscent of the OG Detroit Techno sound but with a harder raw feel to it, which takes the Flood label in a new direction towards presenting harder dance music on the imprint.

The EP is now available to buy in full on Bandcamp, to stream on SoundCloud and all good platforms. The EP has received praise in its roll out from publications and we can’t recommend this one enough for both lovers of techno and avant-garde sounds.

You can purchase the full release here from Bandcamp today; where as always – artists receive 100% of the profit from their sales each Friday.

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