MELTX has just released a thunderous new track titled ‘Can’t Go Home Alone’ where she has flipped the recognisable vocal sample from Tove Lo’s ‘Habits’ into a dark, sinister composition. Focusing heavily on fusing the tracks low-end with MELTX’S interpretation of the vocal makes for a really pleasant listen.

Hailing from Limerick, MELTX is quickly rising the ranks in becoming one of Ireland’s most sought after DJs and producers. After kick-starting her career in 2020 off the back of self-releasing a number of tracks that have been received very well on her Soundcloud, MELTX has since released on MOTZ, Real Rotation Recordings, Normative and Express.

Following on from her steady success as a producer, MELTX has also played up and down the country at a number of festivals and club shows. Some of which include Outset Festival, Boxed Off and Fuinneamh Festival. MELTX has recently performed at club shows in Belfast, Derry, Galway, Limerick, Dublin as well as an international booking in Liverpool. Supporting acts like SPFDJ and DYEN with FJAAK soon to follow this weekend where MELTX will make her long awaited Index debut. A sold out show too, no less.

MELTX does a fantastic job at conveying her devastatingly raw techno sound throughout her selections and productions. This track is no different. Murky melodies, accompanied with pulsating kickdrums and captivating, gated vocals can be heard right throughout ‘Can’t Go Home Alone’ resulting in it being quite the memorable listen. Fantastic.

You can download Meltx’s track ‘Can’t Go Home Alone’ for free on SPEED’s Soundcloud here.

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