Parisian label Molekül have released a 4 track digital compilation titled ‘Draft’. The release comprises of 4 producers all contributing a track each that were initially shared on the labels Discord server over the last few months. The artists involved in the release are DJ Bounty3000, GES, aykanakdag and LØINAM. Expect an array of acid, electro and techno from this uniquely crafted artist compilation.

This digital various artists release is the first of its kind on the Molekül imprint. The highly regarded and well known label has devised a clever way to integrate fans who also produce music with a route where they can get involved with the future progression relating to Molekül’s ideology.

Draft acts as the first iteration of a community driven release that brings the label’s fanbase and community together while also giving back to young artists. Providing them with a solid platform to release their music on and this will undoubtedly be the first of many releases of this kind. This is something that is truly exciting for many aspiring music producers who are fond of making fresh sounding techno with a multitude of modern influences and clever sampling throughout.

Each release is made up of their own individual sound with such variety. Crafty use of vocals, kickdrums and basslines that result in their own distinctive sounds coming to the fore.

Ges’ and LØINAM’s tracks both capture that new techno sound that are filled with energy and blistering, grime-like vocals that are extremely catchy and possess a heap of replay value. They do a great job incorporating these elements while sounding uniquely themselves which as you can hear is great fun. Go ahead, listen for yourself.

You can purchase and listen to the full release on Bandcamp here.

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