One of 2020’s highlight was the conception and birth of Nixer, which thankfully joins us in 2021, as they kick off the year with a new single titled ‘Relax’.

Nixer began as a conversation online between two friends at the beginning of the Global Pandemic. What seemed like an ordinary catch-up back in April, turned into something very exciting. Nixer are already four singles deep, and are forming a very distinct and unique sound that is grabbing the attention of many, despite being separated by the Irish Sea.

‘Relax’, which is the fourth single from the London / Dublin duo is a singalong, dance along anthem. It has everything you’d expect from the Éire Wave duo. A driving synth bassline, a piercing kick, melodic guitar lines and a catchy Irish vocal. The song evokes a sense of euphoria, whack up the volume of your speaker to full and close your eyes. The song utters mantras from start to finish about relaxing and letting go of your worries, accompanied by atmospheric pads that culminate in a triumphant outro.

As Seán Keenan of Nixer explains:

“When I was writing the lyrics for ‘Relax’ I was binge-reading Hunter S. Thompson for the first time. The chaos of his work definitely inspired the lyrics in the song. The underlying message of the song is one of reassurance. It comes from a place of limbo and uncertainty. The meaning behind the tune is about letting go of your worries and just kicking on with life. The past year was a year of uncertainty, hopelessness and failed plans. I often found myself just trying to internalise it all and by literally saying out loud to myself “relax”, which is a very Irish thing to do when someone is pulling a freaker. That’s why I really try to hit home this mantra of taking it easy and not taking life as seriously as we’re conditioned to be believe…”

Listen to ‘Relax’ below, plus support the lads and purchase the single here.

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