It’s been an excellent year for Irish music and as 2021 comes to an end, Offtrack has supplied yet another stellar release with Aero on remix duties.

It’s been a great year for the pair of producers who have put out various releases and podcasts to great acclaim throughout this year. Releases on Research Label, Blackaxon & Fever Recordings respectively have received good support from respected peers and internationals.

The concept of the EP reflects on how humans always revert to going ‘Full Circle, with whatever it is we do. In this case Offtrack’s production techniques come ‘Full Circle’. The EPs title ‘Full Circle’ also hints at the type of techno & how it is inspired by the sound of the 90s & 2000s loop driven sound.

Offtrack – ‘Untold Formation, describes this track as never-ending formation or development. This track sat in my projects for over three years. Every time I worked on it, it always seemed it was never going to end, or id never reach a point of satisfaction with it. The track always took a turn in a new direction & was always developing into something else, hence its title ‘Untold Formation’’.

Offtrack – ‘Primitive Axiom, a synonym for Basic Principle, which refers to the to the production techniques for this track. I reverted to the basic principles & the track came together quickly. This is in contrast to ‘Untold Formation’’. ‘Reverting to basic principles enabled a full circle in production techniques for this EP, which is where the name & concept came from’.

Aero – ‘For my remix I wanted to kind of touch on the full circle concept. My track always reverts back to the beginning, it gets very busy and exciting but always reverts back to the beginning and sometimes in abrupt fashion. The track often breaks to nothing and becomes quite heavenly and euphoric, before returning to its hectic nature. I think the nature of this track comes full circle’.

You can buy the release here.

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