Dublin-based DJs and producers Jack Jennings and Eoin Kelly have released their debut joint EP under their ‘Ossory’ moniker today on the Bogota-based label TNR Media in Colombia. The Origins EP sifts through a wide range of sounds within the techno genre, pulling notable inspiration from breakbeat, progressive house and more.

The duo, debuting their new alias “Ossory,” collaborates for the first time, presenting a collection of tracks that showcase the diverse elements and styles of techno that have influenced them. The Ossory project is a natural evolution for both artists, who have worked closely together since their early days organizing parties in Dublin.

Drawing inspiration from the 90s and early 00s techno, along with his roots in house music, Jack Jennings has showcased his music on labels across Europe. With releases on Berlin’s Gobsmacked Records and Dublin’s Delinquent Delivery as well as Syncopated Records, Jack has gained recognition from notable artists like Rene Wise, Setaoc Mass, Luciano Esse and FEM.

Eoin Kelly, also known as modúl, is a techno producer/DJ based in Dublin, Ireland. With a focus on refining his production and DJ skills, Eoin has played at various festivals and clubs across the country. Releasing music on his Modem imprint as well as some stellar self-releases, he aims to bring his techno style, characterized by swinging grooves and energetic beats, to a broader audience.

The release is comprised of 5 tracks titled ‘Shifter’, ‘Banshee’, ‘What Time Is It’, ‘Maia’ and ‘Mistress’ which delve into spaced-out atmospheres glimmered with smooth textures adding to the groove of the productions which make for an extremely enjoyable listen.

Check out the Origins by Ossory on Bandcamp here.

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