What started off as a small event in the Midlands, Hotbox has gone on to host parties in various pubs, club / venues, fields and pretty much every location available to them over the years.

The crew has since moved to Galway, hosting parties and events, bringing over some of the best in the business, ranging from Luke’s Anger, Sukh Knight & Distance, Ben Pest, Another Alias, and techno legend Jerome Hill to name but a few. Complimenting their club events, the Hotbox crew has hosted an outdoor festival for the last 5 year’s in various unique locations, including an Irish church, a forest and for the past few years in a one of a kind location in the Leitrim Mountains.

After the cancellation of the Hotbox Gathering in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic the collective decided to put their time into launching their new Hotbox label, curating a stellar debut release featuring the likes of Neil Landstrumm, Ben Pest, Luke’s Anger, Nesbit, Lucas, The Degenerate, Patrick Harney and more. Now, one year on from the debut release, the team announces HTBX003, a 4 track EP from the immensely talented Irish producer, Rain.

Rain has been defining his sound over the past eight years. Gravitating towards the more complex side of electronic music, his styles range from techno and electro to IDM and ambient. His first release on the Bass Agenda Recordings Carebots compilation, paved the way for his debut album on London based Specimen Records, due late 2021. Rain’s versatility as a producer can be heard throughout his wide scope of work, including his most recent dancefloor orientated release on Hotbox Audio, designed for the festival soundsystem.

Inspired by attended a Hotbox rave, on his return home, feeling pretty shattered with nothing only a loaf of bread in the house and his modular, he wrote the EP there and then, influenced by the sounds from the rave. It marks a great addition to the label, and even nicer that this experience has come full circle, from inspired by a Hotbox event to now released as part of their label.

Check out the full 4 track EP below, plus support the artist and the label by purchasing the release via the Bandcamp page here.

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