RLSD Records have released their first digital various artists compilation, featuring 16 artists who have all contributed a track each to the release. The majority of which are Irish artists with the exception of Wice and Mal Hombre who are German and English respectively. Overall making for a thrilling label release that is filled to the brim with top-shelf techno.

RLSD Records are back with a massive various-artist digital release titled Parallel Compound. The label is dedicated to representing the culture of Irish techno to the masses and has been steadily releasing quality dance music for the past 7 years.

Parallel Compound acts as its biggest collaboration yet as it boasts 16 amazing music producers that include Mal Hombre, Pineal Navigation, Rustal, Jack Nolan, DoiliƩr, FYuN, PageOne, Philip Galvin Jnr, Wice, Doug Cooney, Aero, Casper Hastings, Jon Hussey, Offtrack, TainT, and Mode_1.

The release features a range of deep, minimal, hypnotic, and swinging techno tracks throughout that have each been crafted with a keen ear for sound design and above all else, a remarkably high level of production quality.

You can listen to the full digital release here.

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