New music coming from Shannen Blessing as she releases her next self-release, this time in collaboration with Makenzie. ‘No Borders’ pays homage to trans rights and their place in the clubbing community through a storytelling-style techno track that smears elements of spoken word across a divine tool-driven techno track.

Shannen Blessing has been going from strength to strength in recent years, quickly becoming a favourite on Irish dancefloors and cementing her name within the Berlin techno scene. Her unique brand of vocal-driven techno, draws inspiration from dirty Chicago basements right through to the high-energy euphoria associated with the Belgium rave scene, all while still firmly plastering her unique sound through dancefloors across the globe.

Shannen’s latest release in collaboration with Makenzie is a deep and driving techno tool that pays respects to the trans community and their importance in the clubbing community and further afield. The track sets out to tell a story and spread an important message, while still maintaining a solid groove to keep hips shaking. Grooving 909 rhythms play off a half-stepping bassline, giving the track a playful hardhouse but without dissolving the Berlin techno feel.

Makenzie – “A heartfelt talk in Berlin’s Berghain restrooms sparked the inspiration for the lyrics for this single. Many ideas are generated at parties and raves but are forgotten the next morning, so I’m glad we followed through on this one. We intended to raise awareness about the global situation and attitude of trans people by releasing this track. Transgender individuals have been a part of our culture for years, and we are not going away. The club scene is one of the only locations where trans and other queer people may express themselves freely, so it is critical to protect these spaces and the community that surrounds them. With these lyrics, I wish to inform people and allow them to reflect on their attitudes regarding trans individuals without seeming too preachy.”

Shannen Blessing – “I really enjoyed seeing this idea come together, I always like working with vocals in my productions, especially having my friends do them. What makes this track special is it tells a story & sends out a really important message”.

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