Sharpson has rounded up 12 producers to flip his bass-heavy, jackin’ house track ‘Kill The Ghost’. The 12 track remix EP consists of a mixture of breakbeat, jungle, drum & bass, drill, dubstep, techno and house from a number of Irish artists, as well as producers from London, São Tomé, Sydney and Los Angeles. Spooky stuff.

The original track was featured on Sharpson’s ‘Dublin Mannerisms’ EP which released on his label Choki Biki Records on the 14th of October. Choki Biki Records is one of Ireland’s leading labels pushing the sounds of breakbeat, hardcore, jungle and drum & bass in Ireland and the UK. With residencies on Dublin Digital Radio, Subtle Radio and numerous sold out shows in Dublin, Choki Biki Records is becoming a staple in the Irish underground dance scene.

The EP title is a nod to the constant use of ‘ghost producers’ by well known brand heavy DJs, which can lead to talented producers being overlooked by audiences. The remixers include: Hester, Ozai, MS Roy, Three Stripe Selecta, Pedrizzy, Decorum, Karmel Jäger, Soul Campbell, Karl Seery, mrshl, Riipley and So Durand.

When asked about Kill The Ghost and its remixes, Sharpson highlighted that; “The name for ‘Kill The Ghost’ came from a discussion I was having with Boris English (Borai) about the use of DJ’s using Ghost Producers. Boris is one of my favourite artists, and we both come from a similar background of being producers first and DJ’s second. My sentiment was that the socialite DJ’s tend to take the limelight, and get gigs off the backs of producers. It’s a pet peeve of mine when I see a popular DJ claiming to be a producer, when they’re clearly hiring someone to do the hard-work for them.

Naturally people gravitate towards these DJs, as they tend to have a bigger following, while the producers who’s tunes they are playing and claim to be their own, tend to go unnoticed. I’ve always related way more to these types of people, who have spent years and years honing their craft, spending most their weekends in front of a laptop rather than on the session or making connections. It’s become one of the main goals for Choki Biki to promote exceptionally talented producers who may not be involved in a ‘scene’ or have some leg up in the industry and, as a result, who might not be getting booked too often. As a crew who has spent years in this position, we hope to change that by highlighting the importance of a producers role in the industry and the fact that sometimes their work doesn’t get enough credit.

In terms of the actual remix EP, I’m so happy with how it turned out. I thought it was appropriate to drop it on Halloween out of the blue, no promotion, all very secretive, very ghost-like. There are now 13 versions of ‘Kill The Ghost’ available to listen to, keeping with the spooky theme I’ve tried to curate. This remix EP has such variety, from the dubstep remix from LA producer mrshl, to the drill remix from London producer, and our youngest signing (only 16 years old) Pedrizzle. Let’s not forget the insane breakbeat flip from Karmel Jäger, all the way from Sydney.

Each artist has been given their own variation of the album artwork which reflects how their remix sounds. All of the covers of a Ghost running through a busy London street were made using AI. I’m absolutely over the moon with how this campaign has come out and I hope people dig this EP as much as I do.”

You can download Sharpson’s Kill The Ghost EP for free over on the Choki Biki Records Bandcamp here.

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