SJUSH has dropped his latest EP titled ‘Raw Hypnotics’ today on his collaborative label and collective HRLA. The release is littered with trembling low-end, fierce breakbeats and killer riffs throughout. With VESELI and Dylan Fogarty both on remix duties, making for an extremely solid Irish release.

Relative newcomer within the Irish scene, SJUSH, has been making a name for himself of late. Building a solid foundation of self-releases from his own Soundcloud, while also releasing on MOTZ, DORCHA, SPEED and more in the meantime. His latest EP, Raw Hypnotics, that has released on HRLA today has seen support from SPFDJ, Daria Kosolova, Dagga, Wallis, Manni Dee and more. Marking it as an extremely impressive body of work.

SJUSH has been building his reputation as a DJ too, with appearances on a number of mix series that include 712, Space, AKTIVV, MTRPLS, Project Radio and more. While making club appearances at The Roost in Maynooth as well as Wigwam and Workmans in Dublin.

Encompassing a sound that is rave infused and warehouse focused, SJUSH’s productions tend to be filled with crazy drums, banging breaks and sensual synths. This EP is no different, with the welcome additions of VESILI and Dylam Fogarty on remix duties. This makes for a super release with a team sheet that is hard-working, driven and talented. The future is bright for these young artists!

You can purchase SJUSH’s Raw Hypnotics EP on Bandcamp here.

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