The much love French techno artists Anetha launches a long awaited V.A release on her label ‘Mama Told Ya‘. With four compilations coming down the line, the first of the new releases, features 16 talented producers, including Ireland’s techno heavyweight, Tommy Holohan.

Tommy Holohan has found international success by rising from influential club nights in the Dublin scene such as Hangar’s iconic ‘Techno and Cans’ party, through his own productions on his label ‘Rave Selekts‘, alongside appearances on some of techno’s most relentless labels such as Dax Js Monnom Black and of course ‘Skull Crushing Techniques Volumes 1 and 2’ on the Berlin based HAVEN.

Tommy has since gone on to release various tracks and remixes in the past 12 months, releasing on DJ Haus’s Dance Trax label, plus remixing Peder Mannerfelt’s ‘Enter Reocuring Disparity’ track. Most recently Tommy joined the epic VSN World Various Artists compilation, raising funds for the ICHH homelessness charity.

Today, however, Tommy joins up with Anetha, for the debut release of a brand-new compilation, entitled ‘Mama told ya’. Each release is themed around the four elements, starting with Water, the first release is entitled «L’eau repousse les feux agressifs».

The ambition of the label is to get each artist out of their comfort zone and Anetha has brought together «la crème de la crème» of electronic music artists from around the world to get involved. This release features tracks from Varg and Croatian Amor, UFO95, Anetha, X-Coast, EMMA DJ, Less Distress, Sugar, ABSL, Quest?Onmarc, Ryan James Ford, Isabella, Le Dome, FAKETHIAS, Rhys Jelson, Jardin, Certain Smith and of course Tommy Holohan.

You can listen to Tommy’s track ‘Iced out 3D’ below, plus purchase the full release from the ‘Mama Told Ya’ Bandcamp page here.

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