The garage edits you always wanted, but hadn’t realised yet have just landed on your feet, courtesy of a mysterious Irish artist and the Cheeky Music Group’s sub-label, Fruity Edits.

Found on an old hard drive amongst other dutty delights, the artist in question has released on Hypercolour Records and Dixon Avenue Basement Jams – gaining repute for their hair-raising riddims – but here the Unknown Artist throws it back to the early 00’s with three cuts of nostalgic, fun UKG.

Africa’ kicks things off with a flurry of syncopated beats and peachy bass; the breakdown sheds an uplifting tear of joy before the dance-floor fizzes into a kinetic swarm of out n out energy. ‘Forgot About Dre’ is a certified classic, the interplay between Dre’s timeless vocals and the slinky UK garage backdrop hit the sweet-spot between old and new; energy reloaded.

The artist’s rendition of JT’s ‘Cry Me A River’ is a clever blend of skippy drums and instantly recognisable nostalgia, using only astutely selected sounds and a double-dose of personality to create something simultaneously true to its origin but undeniably its own.

We’re not sure who the mystery artist is, but it’s definitely not Carlton Doom… You can support the release and purchase on vinyl and digital here.

Words: Cheeky Music Group.

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