The extremely talented Omar Oreilly aka Witch Trials launches his brand new label ‘Myryrs’ today, with a 5 track EP from himself.

Omar Oreilly aka Witch Trials is a name many will be familiar with, featuring on Dublin clubs show and Irish festival lineups over the years, while also being one of the most highly regarded Irish club photographers we’ve had the pleasure of working along side.

Today, the now London based DJ and producer has kindly sent us some information about his brand new label Myryrs, its backstory, plus where his ideas and direction first sparked from.

I began my project as ‘Witch Trials’ 5 years ago, primarily focusing on DJing and hosting parties. As the climate of music has changed drastically since then I too underwent changes personally, creatively and artistically in order to carve a more open and expressive path ahead. ‘Habitual Martyr’ is the sum of almost two year’s work, from deciding to start a label, to making the tracks that best translated the story to be told. The concept for this EP is an attempt to sound track the cycle of personal change and growth, with particular attention to the claustrophobic environment of a cluttered headspace.

‘Myryrs’ is a conceptually driven record label with a focus on genre crossover music and collaboration in visual media, which we are pushing to develop and evolve moving forward. Run by ‘Witch Trials’ he will provide the labels first release on the 26th of March with a debut 5 track EP titled ‘ Habitual Martyr’, to be released physically on 12” vinyl and digitally via Bandcamp

We want to create breathing space for experimentation, broaden the palette of electronic music and encourage taking risks with your art. Ears and eyes will forever be hungry for something new, we want to help satisfy that by breaking off a piece of our hearts to share with the world, and be enjoyed long after our time on earth.

We absolutely love the release. You can listen to the full Habitual Martyr EP below, plus support the artist here.

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