DCU’s DJ Society have announced the launch of their new monthly podcast series, ‘Cued Up’, kicking things off with chats from High Fidelity, Pagan and their special guest R.Kitt.

DCU’s DJ Society have announced the launch of their new monthly podcast series, fittingly named ‘Cued Up’. ‘Cued Up’ is a new monthly podcast featuring chats and music from artists, DJs and influential figures in Irish nightlife. This Friday they kick off their first edition of the new show with a chat from their first guest, none other than the Irish dance scene legend, R.Kitt, who is joined by heavyweights Robert Stapleton (High Fidelity) and Rossa Doherty (Pagan).

The chat will consist of topics of mental health, experiencing creative block, R.Kitt’s legendary Boiler Room set and his involvement as one of the main pioneers of the ‘Give Us The Night‘ campaign, plus we’d image a good few funny stories shared throughout. DCU DJ Society member Mark Colclough will close out the podcast with a special showcase mix.

R.Kitt has built up a stellar reputation in the Irish Scene over the past number of years as a DJ, producer and radio host with a residency with Dublin Digital Radio. One of his most recent ventures was the Lifeline show with DDR, which helped himself and many of us to stay sane over numerous lockdowns in which he showcased his finest selections in a wide variety of musical genres complete with many chats from himself.

We also have to mention his ‘No Handers’ mix inspired by his late night lockdown cycles through the Phoenix Park with his Bluetooth speaker tied to his handlebars. The mix consisted of tunes played on these journeys that helped him keep in touch with music during the ongoing pandemic.

He also started his own imprint ‘Orainn’, originally set up as a platform for him to release his live set material before the world fell apart. His recent EP ‘Orainn 02’ on this label was a release consisting of four fast paced euphoric breaky house tracks which were intended to summon the same kind of emotional experience we used to feel in our beloved venues.

You can purchase the ‘Orainn 02’ EP here.

Pre-covid however, R.Kitt was killing it with appearances all over the country and internationally, including sets for HOR Berlin and his captivating live set for Boiler Room at AVA Festival.

To keep connected with DCU DJ and R.Kitt and to listen to the podcast releasing this Friday, follow the DCU DJ SoundCloud page here.

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