Next up is a very special addition to our series of Premieres. Jimbo Jones is a producer and videographer, specialising in creating collages of both audio and visual elements to represent the world as we know it today, one which is often unbalanced and can be very tough.

The album is out on Friday and we’ve been fortunate enough to hear it. It addresses the very things that each and every one of us have experienced, living in cities where, especially now, the city’s soul is the process of being sold-out.

Between patching feedback loops into analog gear and recording the drunken ramblings outside a chipper at 3am, Jimbo Jones (aka Jamie Mathews) is a music producer that attempts to convey reality through his music and videos.

Originally from Dublin, Jimbo grounds his work in a specific time and place. He achieves this through the creation of an ever-changing array of tones and melodies, backed by off-kilter rhythms and field recordings drenched in humour and political undertones. His music is both warm and inviting while simultaneously being unpredictable and sharp.

The Heat Death of My Hometown is the debut album from him, built from the frustration of skyrocketing rents, ever-stagnant wages, and the erosion of cultural spaces, this concept album guides the listener through a detailed narrative in a rapidly decaying Dublin City. Documenting gentrification and emigration in a once-vibrant city, Jimbo creates a tapestry of sonic textures and electronic beats that maps out the entropic process assailing his beloved hometown.

The album features samples from local creators such as Kojaque, Emmet Kirwan, and Una Mullally, showing the pervasiveness of this feeling across the breadth of the city. The album’s diverse collection of wonky beats overlaid with spoken word segments mirror these ideas and capture a chaotic vision of the world within these city limits.

This track premiered is aptly entitled DART as a journey on the Dublin Dart is shown in the video, capturing the various city landscapes expertly, and blending reflections among the various buildings, ending in an incredibly uplifting melody, overlaid with a spoken word piece that ties the video- journey and music together precisely.

All proceeds will be donated to CATU, a grassroots organisation aimed at supporting those hit hardest by the issues raised in this piece of work.

Watch and listen to ‘DART’ via our YouTube channel below, plus pre-order the full amazing album from Bandcamp here.

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