Proper Micro NV launches his new single and music video ahead of its release date of December 4th.

Hailing from Limerick, Proper Micro NV is the alias of electronic music producer, singer and songwriter, Rory Hall. 

Since the Proper Micro NV projects creation, Hall has performed at various venues and festivals throughout Ireland and the UK, including Electric Picnic, Body & Soul, Latitude, Castlepalooza, Whelan’s, Dolan’s, Roisin Dubh, The Workmans, Hard Working Class Heroes & more – with Proper showcasing his electronic, dance driven – theatrical and costume based show that had gained him widespread attention. 

Following on from his debut LP ‘Dormant Boy’ released in 2018 and his 2020 release – the single ‘So Much To Give & Live For’ which the Thin Air called “warped and propulsive in all the right places” – Proper Micro NV is back with a brand new single ‘You Knew Longer Than Me’.

Discussing the track and its meaning.

“This song really allowed me to embrace a little bit more of a free-form approach to what is pretty much a dance record. I had a lot more fun with frequencies and making things go where they want to go and expand where they want to expand etc. It’s all quite loose in parts and dance floor driven without actually having a real dance floor at the moment. Like the nightclub that isn’t there.

I wrote this over lockdown – and I think, subconsciously it’s partially written about not having anywhere to perform at the moment. “What is wrong, it’s all over”

This is the last single of the year – with a full album to come next year. It’s been in the works for about a year and a half so I can’t wait to finally release it.

Discussing the music video.

“Oddly enough, I had the idea for this video before the pandemic. So as time went by and everything started to happen in the world, it made even more sense to revisit and film this concept of performing to nobody but myself in a real venue. No audience, no sound engineer, no anything except for myself, the curtain, the drama, the lights and the unusually isolated feeling of performing to nobody. It felt invigorating to perform on a stage again – even though it wasn’t an actual gig with actual people watching!”
A big thank you to Rocky at the Record Room in Limerick for the space to film.

You can watch and listen to brilliant video for ‘You Knew Longer Than Me’ below again and again and again, as it’s now streaming from Proper Micro NV’s YouTube channel.

You can also pre-save the track to Spotify here.

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