VTSS collaborates with LSDXOXO in track ‘Goin Nuts’, produced to soundtrack a music video that reflects some of the key issues affecting marginalised communities in Berlin.

Taking place in Berlin, the video brings together various elements of fashion, style and a punk aesthetic, all set against a brutalitst backdrop. Choreographed and produced by a huge team, the project was directed by Soul Suleiman and Leanne Mark.

The video utilises the bodies of many Berlin’s resident queer communities to offer a reflection on the many ways present day surveillance-culture affects the way we see bodies, faces, clothing and people.

The perspective is from the angle of a voyeur or someone watching from the edges of the crowd. Each scene tracks a growing tension around the act of being observed and for many of the city’s queer community, this is a reality of everyday life. Conspicuousness for many queer people is a shield from the hostility of the world around – clothing is armour, style is a defence and fashion is a calling card for identity.

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