909Originals has announced that after successful Analog Rhythms exhibitions which took place at The Bernard Shaw in 2022 and 2023, they have launched a new website to celebrate Dublin’s historic club culture. The website features an array of flyers, photos, DJ sets, videos and more across the site which were taken from past venues and events in the capital back in the 90s and early 2000s.

Given the enormous success of 909Originals’ two Analog Rhythms exhibitions in The Bernard Shaw in the last two years, they have decided to bring the wealth of clubbing antiques online alongside a range of Dublin dance music momentos. The site will showcase a range of flyers, photos, interviews, newspaper excerpts, DJ sets and more across the site and will continue to be updated regularly as new memorabilia comes to light.

Photos of legendary DJs performing in long-gone venues can be seen as well as a host of crowd photos that offer a glimpse into a time of the past that is steeped in nostalgia. Each venue looks to have its own dedicated page on the site, some of these include spaces such as The Temple Theatre, Olympic Ballroom, The Kitchen, Redbox/Tripod, The Pod, The Asylum, Mansion House and more.

Photo Credit: 909Originals

In addition, if anyone believes they have some form of content to contribute to the site from that era they have been urged to do so via 909Originals’ social channels or through the website itself.

You can check out the new Analog Rhythms website here.

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