The Basic Income for the Arts pilot scheme opens today, and we’ve filled you in with everything you need to know about the scheme. The scheme was created with artists in mind, as creatives are still tackling the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was agreed last year by government to introduce the Basic Income in order to tackle these issues.

Words: Nathan Clare

The Basic Income for the Arts will support 2000 artists and creatives over a 3 year period. From this week onwards, the government will pay a sum of 325 euros a week, which was recommended by the Arts and Culture Recovery Taskforce. This wage is in addition to any income earned by artists that are working in their designated sector.

The scheme was introduced yesterday, by Taoiseach Micheál Martin, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar and Minister Varadkar and minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin, at the Project Arts Centre in TempleBbar.

The scheme opens for applications on Tuesday, April 12th and will close on Thursday, May 12th. The process of who will be chosen will be at random once the applicant manages to adhere to all the eligibility criteria. Individuals who are eligible for the scheme but are unsuccessfully chosen will have the opportunity to be part of a control group to assist in a comprehensive ex post assessment of the pilot. This will be useful in comparing artists who were paid, or alternatively, not paid during the 3 year period. This payment will be taxable, but the amount will depend on an individual basis.

Eligibility for the scheme is based on the definition of the arts within the Arts Act 2003. “Arts”derives from any creative or interpretative expression that is traditional or contemporary in whatever the form, This includes visual arts, theatre, literature, music, dance, opera, film, circus, photography and architecture, and includes any medium when used for these purposes.

All applicants must be 18 years or older and in a position to showcase evidence of their creative practise and their career in the arts, be based in the Republic of Ireland and be tax compliant.

A list of some examples of the types of artists who may be eligible for the scheme is shown below, though not all types of artists who are eligible may find their relevant occupation on the list.

Architecture: Architect

Art Form: Profession/Practice

Visual Arts: Visual Artist : All media, Visual Arts Curator, Illustrator

Film: Theatre Actor, Artistic Director, Comedian, Costume Designer, Director, Hair Designer, Librettist, Lighting Designer/Engineer, Make-Up Designer, Mime artist, Set Designer, Stage Designer, Sound Designer/Engineer, Playwright, Projection Designer, Prop Designer, Puppeteer

Literature: Writer – Children’s/Young Adult, Novelist, Short-Story, Poet, Novelist, Illustrator

Music: Composer, Conductor, Singer/Musician – all genres, Lighting Designer/Engineer, Lyricist, Sound Designer/Engineer, Musical Director, Writer

Dance: Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Repetiteur

Opera: Actor, Artistic Director, Costume Designer, Librettist, Lighting Designer/Engineer, Lyricist, Director, Singer, Sound Designer/Engineer, Stage Designer, Repetiteur

Film: Actor, Animator, Artistic Director, Cinematographer, Costume Designer Director, Editor, Screenwriter, Film Designer, Filmmaker, Film Editor, Lighting Designer/Engineer, Hair Designer, Make-up Designer, Prop Designer, Production Designer, Sound Designer/Engineer, Script Writer, Scenographer, Set Designer, Special Effects Designer, Scenic Artist, Visual Designer, Voice Over Artist, Writer

Circus: Circus Artist – traditional and contemporary, Acrobat, Street Arts and Spectacle Artist

A list of examples of some roles that are not eligible for the scheme can also be seen below:

Administration (All art forms): Agents, Arts Administrator, Arts Fundraiser, Arts Manager, Arts Marketer, Invigilator, Box Office Staff, Box Office Manager, Company Manager, Development Manager, Front of House Team, Gallery Manager, Marketing and PR Staff, Outreach Staff, Publicist, Promoter, Site Manager, Social Media Manager, Stage Door Staff, Theatre Manager, Venue Manager

Craft Makers: Basket Maker, Candle Maker, Furniture Maker, Metalsmith, Musical Instrument Maker, Jewellery Designer, Potter, Textile Maker, Wood Turner

Design: AR, VR & MR Designer, Fashion Designer, Industrial Designer, Interior Designer, Kitchen Designer, Landscape Designer, Website Designer, Pattern Cutter, Product Designer, Textile Designer, Type Setter

Education: Art Therapist, Creative Writing Teacher, Lecturer, Teacher

Film: Armourer, Assistant Stage Manager, Audio-Describer, Chaperone, Costume Supervisor, Costume Assistant, Directors Assistant, Dresser, Editorial Assistant, Film Crew, Film Critic, Fly Operator, Hair Dresser, Lighting Technician/Operator, Make-Up Artist, Production Assistant, Production Manager, Props Master, Pyrotechnics Assistant, Rigger, Runner, Set Builder, Set Dresser, Sound Technician/Operator, Stage Crew, Stage Manager, Wardrobe Supervisor, Wardrobe Assistant, Video Technician

Hospitality: Front of House Staff, Bar Staff

Journalism: Copy-Editor, Editor, Journalist, Photo-Journalist, Proof-Reader, Reviewer, Theatre Critic

Literature: Book Designer, Biographer, Copy-Editor, Editor, Literary Critic, Publicist, Proof-Reader, Translator, Reviewer

Music: A&R, Event Manager, Event Producer, Event Programmer, Festival Crew, Festival Programmer, Music Manager, Studio Manger, Talent Manger, Tour Manager, Venue Manager, Voice Coach

Photographers: Wedding Photographer, Photo-Journalist, Advertising Photographer

Technical: Electrician, Lighting Technician, Rigger, Runner, Set Builder; Set Dresser, Site Manager, Sound Technician, Stage Crew

Theatre: Armourer, Assistant Stage Manager, Audio-Describer, Box Office Manager, Costume Builder, Costume Supervisor, Costume Supervisor/Assistant, Dresser, Front of House Staff, Hair Dresser, Lighting Technician/Operator, Make-Up Artist, Props Master, Projection Technician, Set Builder, Set Dresser, Sound Technician/Operator, Stage Crew, Stage Manager, Theatre Manager, Wardrobe Supervisor, Wardrobe Assistant, Theatre Critic, Theatre Technician, Usher, Wig Dresser

Visual Arts: Archivist, Exhibitions Manager, Exhibitions Producer, Gallerist, Gallery Hanger, Gallery Manager, Gallery Staff, Invigilator, Studio Manager

More information on how to apply for the Basic Income for the Arts can be found HERE.

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