Dublin’s party starters and late night rave connoisseurs, Slither have just launched their ‘Support Your Local Rave’ football shirt and we’re all over it.

The Slither team are best known for their parties and their no-nonsense attitude when it comes to having a good time. Their lineups are next level and always well thought out, but conform to nobody. They feature the best from the dance music world, from ghetto tech to jungle and just straight up bangers. The lads, and their crew, bring it. Every. Single. Time.

Supporting your local music scene is something we’re really passionate about. Every week we spotlight DJs, artists and promoters who are taking on the backwards (to say the least) Irish nightlife landscape, facing many challenges … for a dance! As a team made up of DJs, promoters and industry heads ourselves, we know first hand what it’s like, and while it is incredibly difficult and your nerves would be shot, it’s also incredibly rewarding.

The benefits of a good dance, and a fun, safe night out are endless. We’ve seen friends made, couples go on to be married after meeting on the dancefloor and even businesses started. It’s a community, and we’re here for it.

This new football shirt is made with the Irish crew in mind. Designed by Irish artist Gavin Connell, it features multiple references to Irish culture across the design and is aptly named after the legendary Dublin club ‘Olympic Ballroom’. We fully endorse the message, get out and support your local rave!

Grab them here, while you can.

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