Dublin-based DJ, label-owner and Tengu-booker, EMA has removed her Hör Berlin set from their archive upon request. EMA’s decision is due to the alleged censoring of artists in solidarity with Palestine.

Berlin-based streaming platform HÖR has been at the centre of controversy as of late due to being accused of censoring pro-Palestine clothing worn by performers. A number of artists have been calling for a boycott as well as the removal of their sets.

Woozy-boss EMA has been the latest artist to have her set removed from their archive. EMA follows in the footsteps of DJ Voices, Bored Lord, Mama Matrix, and EQUISS, to name a few, who have requested for their sets to be removed.

HÖR’s statement denies the allegations “We believe in freedom of expression, and we have not, and will not, censor flags or peaceful slogans. However, there are symbols that, for some audiences, are controversial, which we will not allow.” You can read the full statement here.

In a statement, EMA told Four Four “I urge other Irish artists to request that their sets on HÖR Berlin be removed and urge others to unfollow the account. HÖR have been censoring artists showing Solidarity with Palestine, blocking accounts and refusing to acknowledge the ongoing Genocide. We need to collectively boycott, this is the only way to encourage the platform to reform as they are clearly attempting to continue on as if nothing has happened. We should also be fueled to do so in response to the stark rise in censorship of people and organisations in Germany in recent weeks.

There are so many other brilliant platforms we should be propping up in our scene especially those who are standing in solidarity with Palestinians. Shout out to the stronger voices leading the way like Mama Matrix, Bored Lord, Sarra Wild, Manuka Honey and DJ Voices.

You can keep up to date with EMA’s other mixes here.

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