Big news from Four Four HQ today as we officially launch our ticketing partnership with Scope Tickets, Ireland’s fastest growing ticket service. This partnership will provide promoters with access to Ireland’s dance music audience, using a platform with music at its core. 

We’re hugely passionate about supporting the Irish scene, and over the years we have put countless hours into connecting and illuminating as many dancefloor cultures as possible, shining a light on local talent and events.

Over the years, we’ve noticed a gap in the Irish dance music community as there has been little in the form of a dedicated Irish event guide. This is our solution, which we hope will help promoters and music fans alike. Our mission is to feed back into the the pulsating Irish electronic music ecosystem, with a platform that is totally centred around the idea of community.

We’ve seen first hand Irish DJs go from playing their local pubs to playing on huge stages alongside international talent in every corner of the world. To us, this is success. Seeing and hearing the appreciation for Irish dance music on a global scale, and a recognition of the talent of our little island. While we may be a small country, we have a unique contribution to the dance music community, and the Irish love for electronic music has always been a huge inspiration to what we do, in fact, it’s our mission: ‘Supporting dance music and emerging artists in Ireland and beyond’.

We are delighted to partner with Scope Tickets, as much like ourselves, they are an independent Irish platform. Their ticketing platform is created with promoter’s needs built into its very design and it is hugely adaptable to your every need, offering an array of display options, analytics and social media compatibility, giving your community a seamless experience while putting music at the forefront of the promotion. You will also have access to an Account Manager who will help you get the most of its functionality. 

By submitting an event via Four Four, you’ll automatically be added to our website event guide, and we’ll support across our social channels, ensuring your event is seen, heard and attended by our audience. You will also have direct access to our team who are on hand to help offer content solutions for the promotion of your event.

This will help us continue to do what we love most – showcase the vibrant music culture in Ireland, and beyond. It is no doubt a challenge for music platforms to remain afloat, especially in recent times, but we’re dedicated to contributing to the Irish music and media scene.

By partnering with us you will become part of that journey, helping us remain an independent Irish music platform. Together we can build a stronger music culture.

Promoters can sign up via the ‘Sell Tickets’ link here. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to

For anyone looking to attend events, make sure to check out the event guide here.

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