Fuinneamh Festival have just released a statement outlining the festivals current situation after the 2023 edition. They have launched a fundraising campaign alongside merchandise in an effort to aid in the festivals sustainability and longevity going forward.

Fuinneamh Festival released a video this evening outlining the festivals current financial situation. With this, they have launched the Fuinneamh Supporters Campaign that allows individuals to donate towards the cause of the Festival, ensuring its independence and continuation of future events. In return, the donor will receive a t-shirt or hoodie depending on the amount of their donation.

This sobering statement comes from the Fuinneamh Festival team as an honest plea for help to ensure that Fuinneamh can continue to run year after year. The Fuinneamh team highlighted that they have always ran Fuinneamh at a loss financially. Finding them in debt that amounts to tens of thousands of euros, with the hope that they can regain what they have lost one day.

Although this is the case, they have also mentioned the soaring costs that everyone is experiencing in the current economic crisis and to only consider donating if you find yourself in a position to do so.

You can contribute to the Fuinneamh Supporters Campaign here.

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