One of Dublin’s most exciting new techno parties, Influence, has announced the launch of their new local invite series which will hold a torch up for grassroots acts. The hard-edged Dublin techno collective turns it’s head to local heroes, both old and new, as they put a spotlight on punishing rhythms from the Emerald Isle.

In an industry where recognition can be difficult, “Influence Invites” is a refreshing departure from the normal format of Influence events. It champions the spirit of inclusivity, giving a platform to our local, up-and-coming talents. Whether they are emerging artists or promising performers, Influence are here to showcase what our great scene has to offer!

The main sentiment driving this series is the unwavering belief in the power of opportunity. It understands that behind every rising star is a unique story, a dedication to their craft, and with opportunity there is no ceiling to what can be achieved. “Influence Invites” provides a nurturing environment, where these aspiring artists can showcase their skills and connect with an appreciative audience eager to discover new unique artists to support. With support from the greatly respected Techno & Cans, it seems that this new event series will be a big step forward in helping to nurture talent from the Irish capital and beyond.

The Influence invites mix series serves as a platform for local artists to submit their unique mixes and really highlight their talent which will then garner them the chance to perform at a future Influence Invites events! These live sets will be recorded and uploaded to the teams Soundcloud which will allow them to build an archive of mixes from emerging artists.

The first instalment will take place on October 7th in Cellar which will feature PXLO and SVEDS who are two exceptionally talented artists and will get the opportunity to highlight their abilities in one of Dublin’s most valued venues! Closing this inaugural night will be Influence residents NAT TYPE B2B FOCKER who are hot off an excellent fuinneamh set and this duo has a special set in store so it’s not one to be missed!

You can purchase tickets to the first installment of Influence Invites at Cellar here.

Photo Credits: Kodak Daniel

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