This Saturday, the 15th of October, Sentinel Records will return to Temple Bar in Dublin’s City Centre with a physical store. The shop will be located in the basement of 1 Cope Street behind the old Central Bank, now named Central Plaza.

This Saturday, Sentinel Records will return to Temple Bar where they will share a space with Absys Records. Absys Records focuses on rock, metal and dance music primarily.

Sentinel Records will focus on punk, hardcore, goth, post-punk, 80’s, ska, reggae, blues, soul, funk, hip-hop, and more over the coming months. A selection of new and second hand records will be available to purchase, with the record store also now open to buying music collections too.

The owners have highlighted that the store is still a work in progress although they do have a lot more planned for the future. All in all, it sounds overwhelmingly positive for anyone who is a fan of records, or might have some lying around the house gathering dust.

You can follow Sentinel Records on Instagram here.

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