Hard House icon Tony De Vit’s documentary ‘Don’t Ever Stop’ is set to screen at The Lighthouse cinema in Dublin on Sunday, February 18th due to popular demand. Initially released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of De Vit’s death, the documentary touches on themes of love, loss, gay identity, attitudes to AIDS, the 90s boom in dance music and more.

Tony De Vit is without a doubt one of the most influential DJs of their generation, he acted as one of Hard House’s leading artists who helped champion the genre and bring it to the fore of dance music in the UK and Ireland during the 90s. The Trade resident was lauded by many, some of whom include Madonna and Boy George as well as countless others throughout his illustrious career.

Some accolades which highlight the extent of Tony’s legacy as an artist include iconic releases such as ‘The Dawn’, ‘To The Limit’, ‘Are You All Ready’ as well as famous remixes of ‘Handbaggers – U Found Out’ and ’99th Floor Elevators – Hooked’ to name a few. Tony released on numerous labels over the years, some of which include the widely regarded Tidy Trax, Jump Wax Records and X:Plode Records. He also won Essential Mix of the Year in 1995 which has been tipped as one of the greatest Essential Mixes of all time.

Don’t Ever Stop: The Story of Tony De Vit – Trailer

Tickets for the screening of Don’t Ever Stop can be purchased here.

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