As the year is hastily drawing to a close, we thought it would be worthwhile to compile a list of 10 standout mixes by Irish artists this year. In no official order, here are your top 10 Irish mixes of 2022.

Although 2022 was our first official year back after the turbulent pandemic, we can safely say that this did not seem to slow any of these artists down, who have all had a fantastic year in their own right. From featuring on globally recognised mix series to receiving massive international bookings, we can only dream of what’s next for these reputable acts in 2023 and beyond.

Cailín – Slam Radio

Kicking off this list is Cailín’s entry to the hugely admired Slam Radio mix series. The Waterford native is a true professional in everything she does, from strictly vinyl-only DJ performances to brilliantly made tunes solely from hardware. This recording is no different. If you haven’t heard this yet, then you are in for a real treat!


If you were to have a discussion about who has had the biggest year in Irish dance music in 2022, ALT8 would certainly be included in that conversation. His rapid rise to domestic and international success has been nothing short of extraordinary, but also extremely hard-earned. This Possession podcast is a testament to that.

spedned – Research Label Podcast

For those of you who are interested in the golden era of all things techno, while still actively keeping a close eye on the next generation of DJs coming through, this mix is a must listen. Spedned provides an outstanding vinyl workout to the Research Label Podcast that people still talk about to this day. Incredible craftsmanship on show here.

Ngoni Egan – Boiler Room x Glitch Festival

Next, we have Ngoni Egan’s Boiler Room showcase at Glitch Festival in Malta that took place this summer. This mix is absolutely outstanding, as it managed to showcase a warm buildup combined with fierce but varied selections in a short timeframe. Remarkable stuff.

Síofra – Rinse France

Síofra’s contribution to Rinse France this summer could not have come at a better time. The weather was fantastic and the replay value that this mix possessed (and still does) is phenomenal. A match made in heaven, it will be tough to hear something as universally enjoyable as this, regardless of musical preference.

EMA – Keep Hush Dublin: Woozy Takeover

While every mix on this list is amazing for a number of reasons, it is clear to say that this recording is by far the most energetic. EMA providing straight dubs for the Keep Hush Dublin debut courtesy of Woozy, is accompanied by breath-taking mixing from start to finish.

High Fidelity – HÖR

High Fidelity earns himself a spot amongst some of this years best mixes, and rightly so. This HÖR debut was many things. Calm and collected, while also being quite energetic and playful. Topped off with rapid mixing for the duration of the set and you are left with a memorable showcase from one of Ireland’s leading electro artists.


The second and final HÖR entry to this list comes from the widely praised DJ OPTIK. This set is a fine showcase of his DJ capabilities, while also playing some colourful old-school hard groove selections. As one Youtube account commented; ‘turntable rotation causing hip manipulation’. This will be sure to get you dancing.

Ricky Chong – Verve Project Radio Takeover

Ricky Chong joins this list of fascinating Irish acts with his recent contribution to Verve’s Project Radio takeover, which took place last month. The mix acts as a real jam that allows Ricky to dive a bit deeper into his esteemed collection of all things house and disco, not forgetting those funk and soul influences that are tipped along the way. Idyllic in every sense of the word.

Cáit – Soulseekers Allowance

Finishing off this marvellous list of this years top 10 Irish mixes is Cáit. The Soulseekers Allowance mix series is surely one of the best things to be borne from the pandemic. The calibre and overall quality of the entries is ridiculous, showcasing some fantastic talent from home and abroad. This particular mix, though, is cleverly crafted and enthralling from the off. You will revisit this mix. Guaranteed.

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