This Thursday a female only ‘Open Deck’ night will be hosted in Cork City by Yasmin Gardezi, NATMAC and Hannah Falvey at the Underground Ovation music studio from 7PM – 8:30PM. The initiative will look to create a more gender balanced scene and better equip women who aspire to enter the DJ world.

On Thursday September 15th, Yasmin Gardezi, NATMAC and Hannah Falvey will host a female only open deck night in Cork City in association with Underground Ovation and Cork’s Electronic Music Council. Meeting at Gugi Coffee, Marina Market and taking place at the Underground Ovation music studio.

When asked about this Thursdays Open Deck night Yasmin Gardezi explained that; ‘We want to create a safe space to bring females together who are aspiring to enter the DJ world and give them the tools we wish we had when we began many years ago’.

This initiative is aimed at female DJs and aspiring female DJs who are interested in getting involved in the dance music scene. Allowing them to meetup in a safe space, free of judgement where they can talk all things dance music and DJing.

The open deck night will encourage attendees to engage in meaningful conversation about the industry and share tips and tricks around DJing too. As well as sharing experiences and knowledge surrounding DJing with one another.

If you would like to stay up to date with this open deck night and any future events you can follow Underground Ovation here.

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