Influence Collective will bring over the hotly tipped French techno up and comer Åmtrüm for his Irish debut in Wigwam this weekend. Åmtrüm has become one of Berlin’s most exciting industrial techno acts, as the French native flirts around pop, EBM, gabber and rave within his sound. Shannen Blessing and High Fidelity also join Åmtrüm to complete an all star techno lineup.

Influence Collective are one of Dublin’s newest collectives that are pushing a hard edged and rave influenced sound of techno in the capital. Focussing on thundering bass drums, harrowing melodies and an onus on hardcore influenced techno.

Hailing from Bordeaux and currently based in Berlin, young French producer ÅMRTÜM has a vast knowledge of music throughout his years experimenting and exploring different moods and genres such as trap, house, pop and even dub and reggae before finding his own style. Trained as a sound engineer for 3 years, he improved his knowledge of sound design and used it in his future releases. In the making of a new track, his work process is based on analog textures and mixing after recording complete live sessions of several hours with hardware materials. While keeping all the basics from Techno, he defines his own style as “beyond Techno”,with rave influences of course, but not only: Gabber, EBM and Berlin style rumble and round kicks enhanced by extreme and raw melodies which take you into a trip. To his eyes, it’s all a matter of atmosphere, structure and freedom.

Shannen Blessing joins the bill with her eclectic blend of driving techno cuts. With two appearances on the coveted Hör Berlin and a string of festival appearances, the youngster has been showcasing her driving style of techno on the biggest of stages. Shannen has an eclectic taste in techno, drawing influences from various corners of the genre, from raw and hypnotics rollers right through to trance licked peak-time stompers, the youngster is well capable of causing a ruckus at any given moment.

High Fidelity also joins the fold on support to make this a lineup not to be messed with. High Fidelity has been making his presence known within Ireland’s electro circuit as of late Dublin with a string of high profile show’s and a flurry of well regarded releases, High Fidelity is not be messed with. Holding down a support slot for Partiboi69, securing his first headline show at a Loose Tooth Dental Club party as well as a number of international club shows and festival appearances in Germany and Poland, it is safe to say that High Fidelity is a force to be reckoned with.

You can purchase tickets to INFLUENCE Presents: Åmtrüm At Wigwam HERE.

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