This Saturday, Illicit host Shall Not Fade at Bow Lane Social Club where they will celebrate Shall Not Fade’s 7 years of service. You can expect Shadow Child, Huxley, George Feely, Prozak, Efa O’Neill and more perform on the evening in what will be a remarkable showcase of house, garage and breaks.

Illicit have teamed up with Bristol based Shall Not Fade to celebrate Shall Not Fade’s 7 years of service as an independent label to Dublin this Saturday at Bow Lane Social Club. Some Shall Not Fade Irish alumni include EJECA, Ron Elliot, Kessler, Mark Laird, Prozak, George Feely and Obsk├╝r.

The lineup packs a punch across two rooms, as Shadow Child and Huxley make their long awaited return to Irish soil. Catch them championing the Shall Not Fade showcase in the main room, as they will represent the house roots that the label is famously known for. They will also be joined by the incredibly talented George Feely and Gracie on support.

Room 2 will focus on more alternative sounds encountered on the Shall Not Fade discography that include a range of breakbeat and garage influences. This will provide a fantastic balance and representation of the labels legacy on the night with none other than Prozak headlining the proceedings. Accompanied by some truly eclectic selectors in Efa O’Neill, Lesko and Hannah Hession.

Remaining tickets for Illicit x Shall Not Fade at Bow Lane Social Club can be purchased on Resident Advisor here.

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