Now that the dust has settled after the first Life Festival in three years, we’re all reeling in the memories of an epic weekend. One of the standout stages of the weekend was of course the Index stage, curated by Dublin’s much-loved club of the same name. Our writer Nathan Clare shares his top 3 sets from the stage.

Here is a list of my top 3 picks from this year’s Index Stage at Life Festival (with some honourable mentions thrown in for good measure!). For those of you who may have not been in attendance this list can act as an indicator of how some of the most talented DJs in country got on in Mullingar at the weekend.

3: Fionn Curran B2B Ges

Pick number three from the weekend goes to two of the soundest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the last year from DJing, Fionn and Gary (Ges). The Index stage was rammed at 7.30 on Saturday evening, where the guys surprised me with an absolute beast of a set. The lads emulated everything one would want from a Life Festival DJ performance. Banger after banger, which ultimately led them to having the crowd in the palm of their hands, otherwise known as a DJs dream. Initially, I was startled as I have never seen the lads play together before, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but it did not disappoint. I enjoyed myself a little too much at this and will definitely be keeping an eye out for their future b2b sets.

2: Aeron XTC

Set number two from the weekend has to go to Aeron XTC for me. I had really high hopes for this set as I have seen Darcy (Aeron XTC) play so many times over the years and let me tell you, he really did not let me down. I was thoroughly impressed not only with his tune selection but also the flow that you could sense during the course of his set. It felt seamless, as if every track that was mixed into one another was made for each other. You could tell the amount of prep that went into this mix and I felt very lucky to witness it first hand. If you were there too I am sure you’ll know what I am talking about. This really has me buzzing for his Fuinneamh closing set, roll on.

1: Efa O’Neill

My number one Index set from the weekend has to go to Efa O’Neill. I have been a huge fan of Efa’s sets for years now. Her mixes single handedly got me through writing my thesis and final year of college during the first lockdown of the pandemic, they’re that good. I was ecstatic to finally see her play in person at Life and I literally could not have asked for a better set. It was perfect. The track selection, mixing style and techniques, flow and lighting of her set was immaculate. The crowd was phenomenal, and it felt like every track Efa played was ideal for that moment. I would have initially thought that Efa would have spun some more jungle and breaks so I was stunned to hear such pristine techno being played. It was a dream. If you have never heard or seen Efa play before, this is your sign to do so now.

It felt really good being back at the campsite this year after a three year hiatus. Seeing so many talented locals smash it out of the park felt really special to me. It has me buzzing for what the future holds and I feel like this is the re-start everyone needed after such a long break apart. Finally, some of the honourable mentions from the Index Stage include; Mode_1 b2b Niall Cleary, Sanctuary DJS x Snakebite_616, and Cailín.

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