While lockdown has prevented DJ’s & producers from venturing into the country’s clubs to show off their latest finds, a lot of artists have taken their hand to producing.

Over the last few months, there has been a massive uplift in Irish production standards with much more releases, the birth of a few new labels and already prominent artists fine tuning their sound.

We’ve compiled a list of the releases that have been signed to labels or had premieres this month below with a small breakdown of each release. Make sure and show your support for any of these releases, whether it’s downloading the track and letting that artist know, or purchasing the tracks.

If you did not feature this month, apologies as we did not see the track so please send your releases to Dylan for next month’s edition.

End of July Special Mention
Doug Cooney – Receptive (Research)
– Doug Cooney & Rustal came together with two quality techno tracks as the first release on the new Research label. 

07/08 Full Funktion – Beal Feirste (Ushuaia Music)

The Full Funktion lads, who have been consistently releasing on respected labels this year are back with another two track melodic house release.

09/08 Whoriskey – Sunday’s Dust (RiotTrax)

Whoriskey has teamed up with Gavin Rochford & Cedarwood state trax for this three track remix EP, which has also been premiered on Moskalus.
This is a free download on the new Subversive label.

10/08 Refract – Nebula (Full Tilt)

Refract, another prominent artist on the infamous Full Tilt roster has a new release out which is currently sitting at #21 in the Progressive house hype charts.

13/08 – RAMKKA – gavibStigmatic (Taro)

RAMKKA, from Carlow has been releasing consistently on labels like Taro (UK) & Truc (Spain), drawing influence from Dave Clarke. This one bangs and it’s free.

14/08 – Gavin Rochford VA (Natura Sonoris)

The relentless releasing machine that is Gavin Rochford is part of a VA out on none other than Henry Saiz’ label Natura Sonoris.

14/08 Jason Busteed – Right for me (Lefty Shades) & Basic Thing (Heavy)

Jason, who is from Cork has two releases out today. The first is on his own imprint called Lefty Shades Records and another on the Heavy label ran by Oscar P. Both tracks are of a deep house style and are worth a listen.

14/08 Finbar – NHR001 (Never Happy)

We recently covered this piece, you can check out the article here.

14/08 Genetica – Sentinel (Koma)

Another silky release from the Irish label, Koma with a minimal & deep house EP out today featuring artists from the Netherlands & UK.

17/08 – Dee Conaghan – Now or Never (HQ)

Dee, who is from Derry, is releasing a new trance track on HQ Recordings as part of the Dig Deeper 2 EP.

24/08 – Luciid – Fugazi (Autektone)

The notorious Luciid is releasing his latest EP Fugazi on what he describes as one of his dream labels, Autektone, which is run by techno heavyweight T78.

28/08 – Cnámha – Faith, Skin & Pleasure (TAR) ONE TO WATCH

Cnámha has a new EP coming out on TAR at the end of the month which is affiliated to the massive Brainfeeder Records. Keep your eyes out for this, it’s hefty.

31/08 Whoriskey – Rullya (Sinedie)

Another Irish workhorse, Shane is releasing a heavier track than his usual stuff on the Spanish label Sinedie Records as part of a VA, another well produced track by the Wicklow man.

Words – Dyl Moore.

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