Patrick Topping released his stand-out track ‘Forget’ back in 2014 on the Hot Creations imprint, igniting his career. Playing a key part to the Hot Creations brand since, he’s travelled all around the world, played at some of the biggest festivals & kept his productions as consistent as they were since 2014. Known for his signature rolling basslines & glitchy percussion elements, he takes on a new mix series with Nathan Barato entitled ‘Paradise On Earth’, showcasing some new unreleased music tied in with current tracks that stand out to him.

We caught up for a chat with Patrick based around the series, check it out below.

Q: Tell us about the idea of the mix series?

A: The brief was really very open, we were each asked to compile a mix for the first edition of a new DJ mix series Hot Creations were starting. During the process the name of the series changed to Paradise On Earth, but this didn’t really affect the sound of the mix for me, as I see the Paradise and Hot Creations sounds as nearly interchangeable. I just wanted to make something that was reflective of my peak time DJ sets, while keeping it more on the House side of what I play, because it was for home listening.

It was also my first time putting together a CD mix like this, and it’s been such an exciting project. It’s been a bit harder than say putting together a mix for radio show or a podcast etc, as each track has to be licensed from the label it came out on. Sometimes these don’t get approved which can alter the whole approach and direction of the mix. There are also additional time constraints to consider but it was a fun challenge to put together. To make something that works with a limited tracklist, including just the approved ones, as usually I can keep adding tracks whenever I like and include whatever track I want at any point in the process of putting a mix together. This is not something I’ve ever really thought about or considered in the past when I listened to DJ mixes, such as the Fabric series for example. So it’s given me an even greater appreciation of the art of the official DJ Mix.

Q: Whats your relationship with Nathan? Have you ever worked together prior to this series?

A: Nathan’s such a nice bloke and we get on really well, but this was our first time doing a project together and to be honest we didn’t discuss what either of us were doing with our disks! We are quite similar artists though, and the label picked us both separately, so I suppose we both just knew the disks would end up fitting together. Prior to this we had only hung out a few times but we had done one B2B in Ibiza before.

Q: You’ve mentioned there are 3 unreleased originals from yourself. Are these track specifically made for the mix?

A: They weren’t made especially for the mix, but as soon as I got asked to create the mix I knew I hoped to include them, so the mix was kind of built around them. Obviously I wasn’t just going to shoehorn them into the mix, but luckily I feel they complement the mix nicely and fit.”Wouldn’t Dare” was made in 2015 and “Tease Magnet” and” Metro” were both made in February of this year.

Q: Being deeply ingrained with one of the leading labels in electronic music with Hot Creations must be such an honour. How has it been for you since joining up with the brand?

A: It really has been the perfect platform to release my music. Not everything I’ve put out has been with Hot Creations or Hot Trax/ Emerald City, but the majority of it has been. The label is also my favourite label and I’m so happy and honoured to have been able to be such a part of it’s output. Hopefully this can continue, I just need to make some more music now!

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