Incoming! New goodness from Dylan Forbes, as the Dublin DJ and producer announces a four track EP with Coymix, set to be released in November.

Dylan Forbes has been on our radar for quite some time now, from his humble beginnings as a resident for Human Error alongside Aero. The pair have grown together and have an alias ‘Patrice & Evra’ which see’s their combined productions and performances take its own identity.

In his own productions, Dylan plays with diversity and can’t be specifically tied down to one sound, from uplifting break beats, tingling acid lines, warming samples and creative vocal sampling, this record showcases some of his notable talent and creativity.

After a back catalogue of excellent releases and mixes, Dylan continues his exceptional progress with four proggy and trance-licked house anthems, heaving with rapturous melodies and driving atmospheric and relentless build-ups. This release is coming out with Estonia / Finland label, Coymix LTD.

You can listen to the previews below, plus pre-order the full release, which is available on vinyl and digital here.

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