While we’re currently still waiting for the resumption of events, clubs and festivals, two of the busiest promoters in the country have been making plans for a brand new joint event series adventure.

As we’ve all missed our weekly outings to gigs, and the absolute craic of good tunes and mates, there’s no doubt there’s a gaping hole which we’re all eagerly waiting to fill. The Social Service events is an endevour to bring a new era of fun and unique electronic music events to the country. This will not only showcase some of Ireland’s exceptional talent, but will shine a light on previously unused and unique locations and venues.

The Irish scene has often felt on the back foot in comparison to our European counterparts in that we firstly don’t get the same access to late licenses, but we also struggle to achieve some of the same support for using non-traditional venues. This announcement is essentially a promise to the dance music scene in Ireland to not only provide dance music events, but they will come in a whole new variety of venues and locations:

From Research & Reboot.
Our main goal of the social service is to try our hardest to give back to the people what has been lost over the past 12+ months by throwing some of the best and most memorable events to date once it is safe to do so.

Think unique Parties, Unconventional Venues, Castles, Festivals, Warehouses, Boats, Underground Car parks, Club, Never Before Used Spaces

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