There’s no better feeling than discovering a new release and then immediately wanting to hit replay the second it has finished. This is the exact motions I went through when I uncovered Ross From Friend’s latest single ‘Love Divide’ and ‘The Daisy’.

Ross From Friends who has most recently performed at both Lost Village and Field Day delighted fans with both tracks at the end of last month. The songs gave us a taste of what we can expect from his upcoming album Tread which comes three years after his first album Family Portrait.

The exciting new release provides with you a nostalgic yet tranquil feel which immediately transports you to that good place. ‘Love Divide’ both builds up and breaks down whilst also taking you on a journey of refreshing sounds. The single melody can only be described as simply beautiful with the charming beat that accompanies it.

The Essex- born producer and DJ serves an electric feel with his track ‘The Daisy‘. The more upbeat and energetic sounding release showcases the variety that the artist explores within his sounds.

The new album can be expected on the 22nd October however you are also able to pre- record Tread via the link on the Ross From Friend’s website.

Tickets for his tour are also now available with it all kicking off this month in the Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen in Leeds. If you haven’t already, check out ‘Love Divide’.

Words: Jasmin Rowland. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Photo Credit: Fabrice Bourgelle

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