This isn’t breaking news, rather really important news…

If you were busy getting ready for Life Festival, or maybe you’d already pitched your tent and had enjoyed your first few warm cans, there’s a chance you may have missed this very grim news.

The much loved Bernard Shaw is set to lose its outdoor area license, which we can all agree was the life and soul of the venue and the area itself, meaning no outdoor music, no incredible day events, no social gatherings in their unique space and no Big Blue Bus pizzas.

Dublin DJ Jonny Brennan aka Bobofunk set up this excellent petition on Friday afternoon, which to date has amassed nearly 18,000 signatures, but it’s still short of where it should be. Sign the petition here and let’s get it moving towards its next target of 25,000 signatures.

We can’t let Dublin’s nightlife vanish before our very eyes, this would be yet another setback for another of city’s cultural hot-spots.

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