Avoidant is a Glasgow based label that is rooted in left-field electro and diverse sonics, run by Soma Records. Their latest compilation titled ‘Planet Destroyed’ boasts 17 tracks in length. Showcasing a range of artists who are well established, as well as relative newcomers who are all bound within the world of electro.

Soma Records sub-label Avoidant have announced their latest compilation titled ‘Planet Destroyed’ that includes a wealth of artists from all across the globe. Including Dublin native, now Rotterdam based Ngoni Egan, with his track ‘A Compute B Programme’.

Ngoni has had a monumental year, earning himself some fantastic slots at the likes of Herrensauna in Tresor Berlin, Dekmantel Selectors in Croatia, De School in Amsterdam and Glitch Festival in Malta. He is set to make his return to everyone’s favourite dimly lit bathroom, Hoer Berlin, this Friday as part of an Avoidant Records showcase with EKATA and Autonomous aka Slam.

The remaining 16 artists who contributed to the compilation are Francois Dillinger & Lloyd Stellar, Marcel Dettman, Slam aka Autonomous, SOD-90, Luz1e, YTP, Nite Fleit, Atix, Dim Deck, Ara-U, EKATA, Marco Bruno, Amber Cox, Terrestrial Access Network, D3070, and Denssal.

The label has seen past releases from the likes of The Advent, Detroit In Effect, Fear-E, Assembler Code, DJ Godfather, VRIL and many more artists providing left-field electro cuts and diverse sounding sonics, staying true to the labels ethos since its inception back in 2019.

The release date for Planet Destroyed is the 5th of December. You can pre-order it on Bandcamp here.

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