It proved a difficult task to put this into words, but we got there in the end.

Finding even more puns for ‘djsyoucaneat’ to work on, wasn’t so much of an ordeal. Take Denis Sultana for one. 

Yes, you’ve read the headline correctly, there is now a page on Instagram that is morphing the world’s biggest house and techno DJs into their edible alter egos, with Peggy Gou (Eggy Gou) going as far as to share the cult-favoured pages impression of her on her own Facebook page.

Our personal favourites included ‘Flanny Mac’, ‘Floss From Friends’ and ‘Motor City Plum Ensemble’ from the limited selection that’s currently available on the account.

FLOSS FROM FRIENDS #djsyoucaneat #rossfromfriends #ninjatune #djmeme #moistmaker

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While the notion has existed on a number of different formats, the latest seems like the most concerted effort to make a full food and consistent food pyramid out of the current crop of selectors out there.


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