Life after Covid is beginning to emerge, as events, shops and plans for the future start to unfold, as we look forward to life in 2021 and beyond with huge excitement.

With positivity in the air, Belfast is set to get itself a brand new record shop, as Belfast DJ and producer Marion Hawkes takes the plunge from avid record collector since the 90s, to the inevitable next step of opening her very own record store brilliantly named, Sound Advice Belfast.

Marion is an integral part of the Belfast scene, co-founding the female-focused duo GIRL & burgeoning queer disco Ponyhawk and with over two decades of collecting, obsessing over music and DJing to many, we can’t think of a better candidate to open a record shop in the city.

Like all businesses, they can be a roller coaster ride, so head over to the shops Facebook page here and show it some love, plus keep an eye out for the shops big opening this August.

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